I sat on the ledge of my bedroom window (sounds like the intro to a murder novel but bear with me) watching the rain just GUSH. DOWN. I am looking at a thesaurus right now to figure out what word other than gush could truly describe this rainstorm. Spurt (eh). Spew (ew). POUR (obviously). CASCADE (YES). Water was absolutely CASCADING from the sky and I had to decide, “Do I cancel?” followed by, “Well, the WHOLE POINT was that I wanted to do more shoots in the rain” because “I want to remind people that rain isn’t necessarily bad weather for romantic pictures!” but “I didn’t mean like.. THIS much rain..”

Needless to say, because you are here, reading this, you know that we did not cancel! I shot half of these ducking under the open trunk of my car!! The real heroes are Suzanne and Nic, who certainly did NOT get the luxury of being under the open car trunk to get the shot.

So happy anniversary again to these two! A funny little thing I love about their story is that created their own holiday when they were dating - combining the two numbers associated with their birthdays (five and twenty-four) which became.. May 24. So. Can you guess what day they chose for their wedding?

Read Suzanne’s post The Trials and Tribulations of Marriage and visit her on Insta!

“Thank you so much Emily for this beautiful experience. It was one that we truly needed at this time in our marriage. We are so grateful that we have these beautiful pictures to capture such a fragile, raw, and honest time in our relationship.”

- Suzanne (read her thoughtfully honest post HERE about working through trials of marriage and dancing in the rain)

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