There was only one bummer about this shoot and that is the fact that I did NOT GET AN ICE CREAM for myself after we finished shooting!!! What’s wrong with me?! Lindsay, one of the most Minneapolis experts I know, recommended Izzy’s Ice Cream for our shoot and yet I still have not tried it for myself. I am ashamed. And hungry.

Also, I wasn’t joking about Lindsey the Minneapolis expert. When we moved to Minnesota, I found her travel page on Insta which led me to her site which led me to a plethora of ALL THINGS MN. It’s like a treasure chest of all things a young, kewl, hip, young person would like to do around Minneapolis (and beyond) and that is exactly who I want to be. Thanks to Lindsey, I now know I wanna ride the Minneapolis Water Taxi, hike around Taylor Falls, and visit..

wait for it

MINNESOTA’S LARGEST LLAMA FARM in Waconia!!!! You can take them for walks! And they even have a llama that was in a Dorito’s commerical!! I’ve always wanted to meet a celebrity and I feel like this may be my chance.

Need I say more? I need not. Here’s their pictures. And when I say ‘their’ I’m talking about Lindsey and Cole. Not the llamas.