Kami and Michael get not one, but TWO wedding anniversary days. Why? Mike is Christian and Kami is Hindu, so they had two separate wedding ceremonies across two separate days. If you’re like me, your first question is, “So did you get to have TWO wedding dresses?!”

And yes, she did.

To celebrate their FIFTEEN YEAR anniversary (er, anniversaries) Kami went all out with another gorgeous dress. "Go casual, go fancy, or anywhere in between!" is my standard advice for clients. But like.... IT IS SO FUN when they choose fancy. Because the truth is that the typical adult doesn’t have a whole lot of occasions for a floor length dress once the wedding is over and that is just the saddest thing.

“It hasn't been easy, health and family weren't too kind to us but here we are 3 kids, a mortgage, and 15 years later stronger than ever. I'd like to think that the worst is behind us.” - Kami

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