"OLDIE GOODIE" is my father-in-law's expression that means "vintage" or "retro". I don't know when that started or why, but I sure do like it. These pictures here are a bit of an OLDIE GOODIE of mine - they are from 2014!!! I rediscovered them the other day and they made me go, "Ugh! THOSE FLOWERS!!!!"

Big, fat, radiant, purple wildflowers! I didn't say "Ugh!" because of any negative feelings towards those majestic blossoms. I said it because for literally years (YEARS!) following this shoot, I returned to this spot and tried to find this meadow again. And I never. ever. did. 

I would look back at my files to see the exact date of Lisa and Taylor's shoot, estimate in my head "Is this a warmer or cooler summer?" to consider if they'd blossom earlier or later, plan accordingly, show up, and...... nada. I never found them again! But luckily my efforts did have their reward. If I hadn't have gone looking for these purple flowers, I never would have found these OTHER wildflowers up on the mountaintop  or these yellow ones just a little bit further down the road.

So there you go. When life hands you wildflowers and then takes them away, life might just hand you.. some.. other, different wildflowers. And that's just beautiful.

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