"I have become a better person being with Tim. He has shown me patience, loyalty, and has helped me laugh in situations where I probably would have cried instead. He has helped me to slow down and enjoy the moment, and to have more of a grateful attitude." - Allison

You know that phrase "in your own backyard"? Like, "Wow, who would have guessed that world famous egg tossing champion would be born right in your own backyard" or "I never thought a live alligator would be thrown through a Wendy's drive thru window right in my own backyard". The phrase isn't a literal backyard, but merely implying a position close to home. For the case of that second example, close to home would have been Palm Beach, Florida

Here's another one. "Often the best photo locations are right in your own backyard" and I'm speaking literally here because we took these photos right on the property of Tim's old childhood house in his tiny home town. By the end of the shoot I was basically ready to form a business plan for Tim's mom to rent out the property hourly to photographers - they would be all over it! The meadows, tall grasses (yes, okay, with one snake), weathered picket fences, barn cats (NOT PICTURES BUT EXCELLENT COMPANIONS), mature trees, fuzzy dandelions, and oh yeah HORSES(!) were almost too good to be true... all in Tim's own backyard! 

In all seriousness, what a special place to capture in pictures. As we walked and talked, I heard about the sweet memories Tim has from growing up in this little green oasis on the outskirt of town. Now, he and his darling wife Allison have pictures from their one year wedding anniversary to add to those all those other special memories.

ABBIE+JORDAN | abandoned mansion in the forest, in a good way
LANEY+BRIGHAM | the day I stopped shooting at golden hour