This one goes in the books at my first and only POST-APPENDICITIS SHOOT.

Yep! That's right. Four days before our scheduled shoot I got a text from Jill, "Sooo Jared is going into surgery soon with appendicitis. I just wanted you to know in case he isn't feeling well enough to do pics Saturday. I think he will but just wanted you to know!" And sure enough, four days later he was up trekking through the snowy mountains to get these pictures! You would never know it when you look through and see all their smiles. Thanks for being a trooper, Jared!

And just a HEADS UP that I've got one last Utah trip coming up! Contact me ASAP if you would like an anniversary session in Utah because this will be my last trip out there for the year!

STACEY+WOODY | old folks deserve pictures too
ALLISON+TIM | good light great horses but one snake