I'm that person that LOVES when it rains on camping trips and plans visits to National Parks in the off season (like February - April) when they aren't as pretty but also aren't nearly as crowded. To be honest, I'm just not one to love sizzling hot summer weather. The first things that come to mind are sunburns, thigh chafe, being super thirsty, overcrowded destinations, long bathroom lines and sweaty strangers. But after living in Utah for five years, I figured I HAD to make a red rock shoot happen before we moved away! On par with my summer qualms, I made sure this shoot could happen in the morning hours before it got too hot and before many other visitors arrived. And it was SO GOOD. Sorry for not giving you a chance earlier, red rock!

MARY JANE+MICHAEL | 41 years and a floral wedding dress
JORDYNN+SCOTT | actually letting the train touch the ground