Don't you dare tell me that Valentine's Day was created by Hallmark! I would rather believe that it was created by someone feeling the winter blues looking for a reason to have a day full of hearts and cheesey love and the color pink. You can choose to love or hate Valentines, but I think loving it a lil' makes it a lot more fun! 

You know that my biggest push as The Anniversary Photographer is to promote that you DON'T need to be engaged or in a wedding dress to validate cute pictures. This made my cousin Sylvia and her boyfriend Chandler the perfect couple to photograph for this "sweethearts" themed Valentine's Day shoot! They met in high school and have been together ever since and they are very cute and very much high school sweethearts! And - oh look - she's wearing a sweetheart neckline dress. The word play never ends! 

We were fortunate enough to borrow use this CRAZY AMAZING vintage red ballgown from my friend Whitney (she is also a photographer!). We paired the look with shades of red and pink, delicate florals, cozy blankets, mountains, evergreens, fluffy clouds and a light snow fall. I dare you to try to think of a better recipe than that! I dare you! 

Radiant hair and makeup by Kait Parkinson MUA - someone who I would gladly pay to come prep me every morning if I could. Professional hair and makeup makes a HUGE difference and I recommend it to anyone, even if it's just anniversary or sweetheart pictures! 

MYUNGHEE+BRIAN | for realsies a red hanbok in a golden dream forest my eyes are exploding it is so beautiful
PEYTON+JEFF | that empty misty Yellowstone morning that fed my soul