Here’s the thing. The amount of effort I put into our costumes every year FAR surpasses the amount of hype we’ve got for the actual night of Halloween. We don’t really do much..? But for that relatively low-key night, we’ve got RAD costumes. Honestly, I’m perfectly content doing our costumes JUST FOR THE SAKE OF RAD PICTURES.

So, I wanna start offering the same thing for you. Your awesome costumes deserve awesome pictures, not just an iPhone picture handed off to your neighbor before you go trick-or-treating! (Your neighbor will get his thumb in the photo ~ trust me) HERE’S THE DEETS!


Are you in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area with a RAD family costume planned?! MESSAGE or EMAIL ME if you’re a FAMILY or COUPLE with a themed group of costumes!!! I’m going to choose my most favorite one and do a ONE-HOUR FREE PHOTO SHOOT of you guys in your costumes the weekend before Halloween!

Aaaaand if you’re just here to see some pretty pictures, here are our Halloween costumes from last season. TWO SWISS MISSES. :)

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! | our costco sample lady + hotdog costumes that we can never top and I'm fine with that
KAYLEY+JAKE | if the Von Trapps really went to Switzerland