If you know me, you know that I take Halloween costumes VERY SERIOUSLY and it's not uncommon for me to have our coordinating couples costumes planned out a year in advance. I have an ongoing list of costume ideas that is replenished regularly - this isn't just a October 1 through 31st holiday for me, you guys. It's on my mind constantly. I LOVE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.

To truly honor the hard work that went into these costumes for me and my husband, we did the true and good thing - we wore them to Costco. Our mothership, our OTL. Shout out to the middle-aged man who very seriously asked Jason (remember, the one DRESSED AS A HOTDOG) where to find Comet and was genuinely not amused/disappointed at us that we were 1) not employees 2) Comet was out of stock. A true glimpse into the employee life, I suppose. 😂

1. This is about 90% DIY. The only thing bought ready-to-wear was the hotdog suit. Oh! And the M&Ms, too. Those were not from a thrift store. Pretty much everything else was! 

2. I found the red tray at the thrift store for $0.50 and it wasn't until we were out at a party when someone asked, "Is that the top of a laptop case?" that I realized, yes, that's exactly what it is. 

3. All the signs and ID badge were designed in Photoshop by myself modeled. People thought I stole them. Nope!

4. But of course, if you look closely enough, there's some funnies added to a lot of the words in there. ;) 

5. My Costco sample lady stand is a (spray painted) cardboard box... FROM COSTCO. #costcoception

6. Costco shared our image on their social media one year later!!! Instagram + Facebook

7. Little kids tried to take cups of M&Ms off my tray. These treats are TRICKS!!! They are glued down. 

8. The product ID number is Halloween. ;)

9. Fave costume to date, by far. I don't expect anything to ever surpass it - I'm setting the bar low from here on out. I say that lovingly. We peaked! It's all good in the neighborhood. 

10. We won two costume contests, two nights in a row. There are two Halloween videos somewhere on Youtube that we can be seen it. I've had my 15 minutes (5 minutes) of fame. I owe it all to the fans.