These girls had a cold and rainy prom night so I insisted they put their dresses back on the following weekend so we could grab some photos to do these gowns justice! Honestly, hanging out with friends in elegant dresses in a dewy spring garden sounds more fun than actually attending a high school dance.

The thing that made me go “OMG YES these girls need pictures(!!!)” wasn’t necessarily the gowns themselves, but the confidence I sense in dressing 100% your own way during the teenage years many of us spend just wanting to blend in and dress and look exactly like everyone else. Wearing a replica of the 2015 Cinderella ballgown? CONFIDENCE. Making (yes MAKING) your own prom dress out of Nigerian fabric to honor your heritage? CON. FI. DENCE.

I would love to the confidence these girls exude and send it back to my high school self! Probs would have ended up with a prom look reminiscent of Leisl’s gazebo dress, Drew’s butterfly wings, or *anything* from Moulin Rouge.