Me, watching Downton Abbey for the first time, texting my sister : "I LOVE Mathew. He is my favorite character. He is just so pure and GOOD."
My sister : "What episode are you on?"
Me : "Just started season 3 episode 7"
My sister : ".............."

I don't think I need to say anymore about that.

Tori's wedding is 100% the reason I started watching Downton Abbey. For serious. Before the big day, she had told me her dress was a little bit inspired by the show and we chose a bridal session location to match the era (you'll see those towards the end of the post). The wedding ceremony itself took place in the LDS Manti Utah Temple which is just SO castle-y that feels like it COULD have been off on some European hill top! 

Tori and Jordan's wedding was also featured on Utah Valley Bride.