Christmas Cards. They dead? We still do those? I think the only people I know who send them out faithfully are 1) age of 45+ or b) photographers. Photographers love seeing their pictures in print, so there may be a day our profession alone holds this holiday tradition going. Also, I don't know how many people out there like the idea of couples Christmas card photos, but I do! Yet another excellent excuse to take pictures together. ;)

If you want a wintery feel to your pictures prior to Christmastime, find an evergreen grove! These pictures were taken in fall, but the scenery gives them total holiday vibes. 

I asked Lauren how she felt about anniversary pictures and her answer was perf. She said, "YES! Every couple that has been together for longer than a minute needs them. They are an anchor during the rough times, reminder of peaks when you're in a valley."

Isn't that a beautiful sentiment? I love that girl and I love their love and I love these pictures.

"Mack is goodness. He radiates it. He never hesitates to give to someone or share whatever he has." - Lauren

"We know each other inside and out now. And there is a level of understanding and comfortability that comes with being married a while. We pee with the bathroom door open, I'll just leave it at that."

"Emily makes you laugh, poses you so you don't have to worry about your limbs being in the wrong spot, and she shows so much genuine interest in your love story that it makes you gush about each other all over again and you get beautiful, beautiful photos."

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