"Getting anniversary photos taken every year is a great way to document you and your husband's lives over the years! I can't wait to look back at all of our anniversary photos! And anniversary photos make wonderful Christmas card pictures." - Myunghee

After their wedding in California earlier this year, these two took a trip back to Myunghee's homeland of Korea where she got this gorgeous new hanbok (a traditional Korean dress usually reserved for special occasions). And oh em GEE do they make for some good pictures. These golds and reds are killin' me! 

The thing you might not know is that I've got a hanbok, too! My husband is Korean-American and we were gifted our our set of matching hanboks. Buying them in the United States is usually very expensive, but my mother-in-law figured out another way. My husband's brother's wife's dad's friend went on a trip to Korea and kindly visited a hanbok shop on our behalf. Seriously - my husband's brother's wife's dad's FRIEND did that for us! Equipped with some screenshots from the internet I sent, the shop staff selected four hanboks that had similar styles. That brother-in-law's wife's dad's friend texted pictures down the totem pole and very late one night we got to choose our favorite! This was by FAR the most "Say Yes to the Dress" moment of my life. In true television fashion, the first three were "eh" but the last one was "YES"!

 So, six months after these radiant, golden fall hanbok pictures with Myunghee, I got my own lovely, pink, spring hanbok pictures. You can see one over HERE but don't you dare get distracted. Time to turn your attention to the pictures below...

PEYTON+JEFF | that empty misty Yellowstone morning that fed my soul
MARY JANE+MICHAEL | 41 years and a floral wedding dress