Mary Jane was married in a floral dress. It was the 70s! Okay, at first I imagined THIS but she and Michael described the dress to me as we walked together during out shoot and, fortunately, my first impression was pretty off. 

And here they are together - 41 years later and in another floral dress! 

Here's a little secret of mine. I love making my clients dance. I bring the tunes, you bring the moves. It's always a treasure because even when someone is an awful dancer, they can't help but break out laughing at their attempt and that is the moment I'm snap snap snappin' away on my camera! Here's the thing though. These two? These two met on Broadway. Like, as ACTORS. In MUSICALS. After finishing their years in NYC, they moved to Connecticut and ran a theater program together. Needless to say, they didn't even bat an eye at the request to dance in front of the camera. I. Loved. It.

JORDYNN+SCOTT | actually letting the train touch the ground
LAUREN+BRYAN | green mountains and the most magical sunshowers on earth