Will you take pictures of my kids, too? Yes! 

My goal is to preserve love stories by taking pictures of sweethearts in every stage of a relationship - young lovers and 50-year-marriages alike! I want to give you and your love a fun, romantic, experience to reconnect and reminisce. Our best moments and best images are going to happen with as few distractions (and chaos and cheerios!) as possible. I love that you want to include you kids in this special experience! Instead of adding them to [your anniversary pictures], you'll receive a $200 discount on a separate family photo session. That's a win-win! (Excerpt from FAQ section)

Just with my anniversary sessions, these shoots have a focus on fun. My goal is to give your family an experience being together, goofing around, laughing, and taking pictures along the way. We'll get some 'everyone smiling at the camera' pictures and even more that capture genuine moments as you interact with your loved ones during our shoot!