I took these anniversary pictures of Abbie and Jordan just a few hours before Minnesota's first big snow of the season rolled in (oh, I was out photographing DURING it too! WORTH IT)  but you'd never know the struggle just by looking at the pictures. Omg - why am I talking about the WEATHER when obviously there's something much cooler at hand here. AN ABANDONED MANSION IN THE FOREST.

If you are wondering where the hEcK this amazing place is, it's a private mansion owned by the company Jordan works at! It is currently vacant (it was most recently being used as office space!) and it took all the power within me not to not start our shoot joking, "Hehe - it must be haunted!" because I know my own fear tolerance level and I would convince myself it was actually a scary place. In reality, it's just really really beautiful! 

PEYTON+JEFF | that empty misty Yellowstone morning that fed my soul
MYUNGHEE+BRIAN | for realsies a red hanbok in a golden dream forest my eyes are exploding it is so beautiful