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TORI+JORDAN | LDS manti temple wedding and the wedding dress that hooked me on Downton Abbey


TORI+JORDAN | LDS manti temple wedding and the wedding dress that hooked me on Downton Abbey

Me, watching Downton Abbey for the first time, texting my sister : "I LOVE Mathew. He is my favorite character. He is just so pure and GOOD."
My sister : "What episode are you on?"
Me : "Just started season 3 episode 7"
My sister : ".............."

I don't think I need to say anymore about that.

Tori's wedding is 100% the reason I started watching Downton Abbey. For serious. Before the big day, she had told me her dress was a little bit inspired by the show and we chose a bridal session location to match the era (you'll see those towards the end of the post). The wedding ceremony itself took place in the LDS Manti Utah Temple which is just SO castle-y that feels like it COULD have been off on some European hill top! 

Tori and Jordan's wedding was also featured on Utah Valley Bride.


JORDYNN+SCOTT | actually letting the train touch the ground

JORDYNN+SCOTT | actually letting the train touch the ground

"Arguments occur most often when people are hungry, thirsty/dehydrated, and tired." - Jordynn

Can we get an A M E N on that?! I asked Jordynn what marriage advice she would give a newlywed and that answer was a home run. Let me brag for a sec because I have that special ability to become instantly hungry AND thirsty AND tired all at once at rapid speed. This most commonly happens within one hour of walking around a mall.

Anywho. A year after Jordynn and Scott were married, they donned their outfits again for anniversary pictures in the vibrant fall colors they never had for their wedding day. Because it was in Arizona. 😂 Jordynn discussed her experience doing these anniversary pictures and said, "We got to recreate our wedding day in a more private and intimate setting, in the woods, too! That would originally be off the table because my dress would get dirty. But there's no regrets or worries because the wedding was over!"

PREACH IT. AMEN AGAIN. The greatest thing about anniversary pictures in your wedding dress is actually being okay with the train of your dress touching the ground. You know, that piece of fabric intentionally designed to drag on the ground? We can ACTUALLY do that. 

"This was the most fun we've had taking pictures. The time spent with Emily felt more like going on an adventure together, falling more in love, and having someone document the experience."

"On our wedding day we didn't have much time to enjoy each other during the pictures. We felt rushed to get them done so we could get ready for the reception. An anniversary session allowed for us to reflect on our special day without the rush or stress of the long list of to-do's."

"I seldom shared my innermost thoughts with anyone else. Marriage has given me a safe place to open up and share pieces of myself that I'm too insecure to show the rest of the world. I find a lot of comfort in my marriage, in the vigilant commitment that Scott and I keep for each other on a daily basis. It's easier for me to say sorry and to say I love you--two things I didn't grow up saying often."

"I admire [Scott's] ability to endure and persevere through unpleasant life experiences with little or no complaints. His optimism through difficult times astounds me; it also inspires me to remain positive as well."

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